A groundbreaking ceremony happened Thursday in Nampa for a new space that will include a playground, swimming pool, and sports practice fields.  It sounds like a great new spot for family fun, but there is one thing that might slow it down.

The plans are in place for the new park at Franklin Boulevard and Cherry Lane, but not all of the funding has been worked out yet.  The land was donated by city developer, Don Brandt, according to KTVB.  But the rest of the funding for the playground equipment, pool, and fields, is still being worked out.

Orah Brandt Park will be built in phases, and there's no completion date that's been announced yet.  That will come once the rest of the funding is secured.

Sounds like a cool new place for the kids to make the most of the great Idaho weather! When it's not 100-degree-butt-burning weather on those slides.  Fall would be nice, and we'll keep you updated.


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