Many of you have probably heard by now about the 40-year-old mother in Meridian who was arrested after she refused to leave a closed playground. 

Sara Brady's argument with an officer ended with her asking to be arrested. The incident was followed by another protest at Meridian City Hall.

According to an article on KTVB, Sara was charged with trespassing at Kleiner Park and has since been bailed out of jail.

The city of Meridian closed their parks down last month to slow the spread of COVID-19, which can allegedly live on materials like plastics for days.

The Meridian Police Department has released a statement saying

 "These are very trying times and the Meridian Police Department supports the public's right to assemble for peaceful protest, however, the right does not include damaging public property or ignoring closures of City property and facilities."


The Idaho Freedom Foundation has an ongoing list of protests in response to the stay-at-home order.

In other moves defying the stay-at-home order, a Nampa bar has opened as well as a gym in Middleton.

What are your thoughts on all of this? The stay-at-home order is legal under a state of emergency, which Idaho is currently under.

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