Almost a year after a deadly crash that left marks on the area more then just the burn marks you could see, Idaho transportation officials say commuters will again be able to use the Cloverdale Overpass.

I remember it so vividly, I had just moved to the area and when I found out the news of 3 airmen from the Mountain Home Air Force Base that were killed along with the guy driving the tractor-trailer on the overpass, It devasted me. It was so eerie driving by the overpass and to see the scorch marks. Having just moved here I wasn't sure if things like this were a common occurrence on such a busy interstate. No, they aren't and it was so tragic.

They took down the old overpass and replaced it which has been a long process. Now, this Saturday it isn't open fully but IDT says they will open up a lane in each direction on June 15. Then it should be fully completed by September.

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