With temperatures nearing triple digits this week in Boise, it's an important reminder this time of the year to never leave kids alone, trapped in hot cars. It's extremely dangerous, and every summer children die from it. This topic makes me physically ill and angry.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, 31 children died in 2014, all because they were left unattended in a car. These losses are always heartbreaking, and always preventable.

Very few people realize that a child's body temperature rises five times faster than an adult's. So, on a 90-degree day, a child's body temperature can reach deadly levels and they can overheat in less than 10 minutes. Upper 80s and 90s outside also means a quick 130 degrees inside a car.

Police say, if you're walking by a car and see a kid left alone inside, call the police immediately.

No matter how "quick" that trip in the store would be, it's not worth it!