I'm in the studio reading what's trending around Boise as the alert comes through about Netflix Scams. Not our favorite binge box!

I honestly didn't think much about it until I was almost scammed. These crazy people sent me one of those texts trying to get my clicks.

Just one week ago I passed the company scam test to ensure I was the victim of a scary alert. I say scary because these scammers can dump your bank account if you're not paying close attention. Well, it's happening. Netflix announced that text messages have been going out over the last few weeks with false claims. I'll screenshot the one I received today.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

That phone number doesn't exist when I called it. This is exactly the text they warned us not to open. This is called, "Your Netflix Account Will Be Locked" text scam that you want to stay clear from. Don't even just wonder. This is a scam.

If you were to follow that link it would start asking personal questions regarding your account information. That's when they get all your information donated to them, by you. These phone numbers listed might look real but are likely fake with voicemails, not set up yet.

If you ever receive a message like this from anybody it's important to call them. Delete that message and call the business in question. I've known people that got their information disabled and it was a mess.

Here's everything you need to know about this specific scam. This is concerning since so many of us use Netflix.


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