I've been looking for things to do with our family as this pandemic is wearing on the kids. I'm sure it's somewhat the same across Idaho. It definitely stretches your parenting to be better and I've got work to do.

That brings me to this little road trip that might work for the mom that needs a break. Can you drop the kids for a weekend staycation with cousins? I found the coolest hot springs that make it worth a trip over the border, to Montana.

Welcome to Bozeman Hot Springs. I've heard about hot cool Montana is but the videos of these unique hot springs caught my attention. Let me update you on Bozeman's popularity with the celebrity owners.

This is where Hollywood's elites find the powder and slopes. I had a friend that worked there and said it wouldn't be shocking to see Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, and Jessica Biel with husband Justin Timberlake. The celebrities love to get their lessons up in Bozeman and buy homes. I guess why rent when you can buy with all your millions. 

The Bozeman Hot Springs is more of a smaller Las Vegas pool party to me. The scene at night is lit with various colors, steamy hot springs, and mountainous backdrops. This hot spring is minutes from Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin International Airport, and the newly popular Big Sky Resort.

This is definitely a road trip with family or the girls. Might be great to bring the family and have the husbands watch the kids for the night. You and your sisters need a break and why not with a glass of your favorite wine next to the hot springs.

This definitely has a vibe and just might be something to add for one of the first planned trips post-pandemic.

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