The mattress market is on fire. It wasn't that long ago when you would see a new mattress place on each corner like a liquor store. Seriously, I mean it makes sense considering we all need to sleep. What about getting paid to do it?

Mallory recently wrote about getting paid to test mattresses and you could take home $3000 doing it. That's not what this is because I'm adding a 5-star luxury resort to the bottom line.

Sleep Standards is running a nationwide search looking for people to travel, sleep, and document. This isn't a joke and you won't have to purchase a lifetime subscription of magazines that we get for free online. Nope. This is legit.

The company is looking for individuals to that want a free getaway as long as they document how they sleep. You will receive a different sleeping environment each night and report how you feel afterward. Seems easy right? Well, there's still no catch.

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Maybe this is for some new beds or resorts that you get to test drive for the company. Regardless of the situation, you get paid to go on vacation for a week. Is that worth $2000 for a week in Hawaii? Sign me up. is looking for candidates right now and it's time to represent. I've never been a person that can sleep very well and have stayed away for 8 days one year. I think it was like 15-minute breaks every 8 hours but that was it. You would get paid to stay at a resort, enjoy the week, and get paid for it. I wouldn't mind getting paid to say in McCall or Sun Valley for the week. Let's go.


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