The Idaho Department of Health is adding a few regulations to receiving your COVID-19 vaccine.

There is a regulated list that you must go by in order to get a vaccination. We have a rollout plan that stipulates who can receive and when. Make sure you're following those rules including the latest announcement.

There is a limited amount of vaccines that we are seeing across the country and Idaho is no different. So, The Idaho Department of Health has added the following to receive the vaccine.

  • A Driver's license or work or school ID
  • A letter with the person's name and address
  • A utility bill with the person's name
  • A voucher from your employer, faith-based institution, healthcare provider, school, or other registered organization or agency that the individual lives or works in Idaho.

The IDOHW doesn't want you to worry about that information being used for something else. This is just to prove you check all the requirements needed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

I do know that you can venture out into smaller places to get a vaccine. Not everybody is 100% sure about the vaccine and that opens the door for other people. There really isn't much of a police force making sure you are in the correct place to receive a vaccine. It's not like voting at a certain location because of your zip code.

Vaccine is being allocated to the states based on population numbers, and that means it's based on the number of people who live in each state. Give the limited number of doses Idaho is receiving, we want to make sure Idahoans who live or work here have as much access to the vaccine as possible so we can stop the spread of COVID-19 in our state.

That comes from DHW Director Dave Jeppesen. You can read the full news release by visiting The Idaho Health and Welfare website.

Wondering which category you fall in for vaccine? Follow below for each level and the dates.


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