Do you believe in ghosts? Did you know that getting a ticket into any of the Paranormal Investigations from the Idaho Penitentiary is always sold-out? People love ghost stories and this is actually a sweet one.

My wife showed me a story of a mom getting a scary message in her Nest inbox. I think it happened last year but was just a great story we could use right now.

She has security cameras in her house and you can set these to record on movement. They can be quite useful or boring if nobody is there. This is a different case.

Jennifer Hodge was hanging out with her daughter alone in the house when the alert went off. The mother decided to check immediately because they were alone and that's where the shock came in. Jennifer lost her 23-year-old son a few years ago and it looks like he's still there. The video clip shows an image that looks identical to her son walking in the kitchen. The daughter noticed his immediately,

Mum, there's a person in the kitchen...Mum, that's Robbie.

She went on to say that image had the same style beard and felt it was some type of message from him. Robbie lost his life to an overdose. Very sad story with somewhat of a happy ending, maybe? I lost my dad years ago and felt he visited me in my dreams every night. Then one night we met up like we always did in my dreams and talked about it. My dad told me it was okay to let go, he was proud of me and enjoy life. They stopped that night. I think we all deal in our own ways and I'm imaging Jennifers smiles today.

I hope this gives you so kind of closure Mrs. Hodge ❤️

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