She wanted a protection order against her husband. Two weeks after her request to keep him from her was denied, she was allegedly killed by her husband who then turned the gun on himself. 

A little backstory on this case. Kaylynn Butler and her husband Philip Butler were both suspects in a sexual abuse case of a child younger than 10.

According to the Idaho Statesman,  police say that Philip was charged with felony witness intimidation when he threatened Kaylynn not to talk to investigators.

Nampa police detective Curtis Carper requested a no-contact order and an appropriate bond for Philip Butler. Judge John Meienhofer disagreed and denied the request.

From the judge's point of view, there was not probable cause for the witness intimidation charge. Philip Butler had allegedly yelled at Kaylynn "don't tell them anything, get an attorney" and "Kaylynn, attorney!" The judge says it is not a crime to tell your wife not to talk and to get an attorney. Philip Butler was released from jail on his own recognizance. This means he did not have to pay a bond but was required to appear at follow-up court appearances. He was released from jail on August 29th.

On September 15th a relative reportedly found the couple dead in their home. Kaylynn had suffered two gunshot wounds at close range and Philip had suffered one gunshot wound which led investigators to believe that he shot her and then shot himself. Keep in mind, that at this time Nampa police cannot confirm who shot whom. Authorities believe the couple died sometime between September 13th and when they were found on September 15th.

Philip Butler had attended a hearing on September 12th.

Who is to blame for this tragedy? I don't know. It's easy to blame the judge, but he has to look at things from an evidence point of view and not an emotional point of view. All I know is it is a horrible turn of events that should never happen. If you are being threatened or are caught up in any sort of an abusive relationship, please reach out. There are several resources available, including the Boise Women and Children's Alliance, Faces of Hope Victim Center, and the Domestic Violence Hotline.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Butler's children and everyone affected by this case.


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