The statistics are shocking. 22% of Idaho teens say they have considered suicide. Here are some more stats you may find disturbing. 

The State Department of Education has released its 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The survey took over 1,200 kids, grades 9-12, across 45 schools in Idaho into account.

According to an article on, 40% of students reported feeling sad or hopeless. The rate of 22% saying they have considered suicide is the same as we saw in 2017, but that's the highest we've seen in a decade.

I can't help but wonder if social media and the continual pressure to succeed and be perfect are playing a role.

On a positive note, the survey found that fewer teens are being bullied, smoking cigarettes, or having sex. It's the lowest we've seen in a decade, so there seems to be no correlation between these acts and the suicidal thoughts rate.

One other scary stat is that nearly 50% of kids admit to texting or emailing while driving during the past 30 days.

I think it is far time that we stop the stigma of seeking out therapy or using medication if needed. I owe my life to my therapist. She taught me to do the hard work and mend so much of my past that I had carried for decades. I also have no shame in saying that I have been prescribed anti-anxiety/ anti-depression medication. I've worked closely with my therapist and my general doctor to find the right fit for me so that I can be the best version of myself. That being said, I refused to take action for years because I thought it meant I was crazy or there was something "wrong" with me. It is time to take a stand and let our children know that it's perfectly okay to talk to someone or take medication if needed.

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