I was either too young to have these things happen to me or now they are no longer "cool." My window of opportunity has been slammed shut and I am left with texting and social media!

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I have always felt that I was born in the wrong time. I was meant to live in the wild west during the 1880s. I always pictured myself as the girl who had to work in the saloon because her family was killed in a wagon accident. I am not a "working girl." I was meant to be courted by a man who would woo me. But instead I smack dab in the middle of texting, social media and emails! I have no passion for these things. And it makes it 10x harder to date. Last week on the show I found out it was no longer cool to send a woman flowers after a good date. The kind of date where you really connect, you have the spark, the flash of potential and it's electrifying! Not the date where only one of you feels it and the other is counting the minutes until the date ends. Apparently sending flowers after that date used to be cool, back in the day when my mom wouldn't allow me to date. Now that I can date, the guy is looked at as a creeper if he sends flowers. Great. Missed opportunity #1.

Sunday night I was in Denver for the Broncos/Chiefs game. During halftime they started displaying all these messages on the giant screen over the south end zone. I have always thought it would be so cool to be proposed to at a professional sporting event. I got excited to see the message and then follow the camera to the lucky girl who has some guy all nervous as he asks her to spend the rest of her life with him. So romantic! I am waiting anxiously for this to happen. Instead I get 400 messages ranging from Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Jimmy bring some milk home to Cassie will you marry me. There were 5 proposals in the mix and they maybe got 2 seconds on the screen and no camera to show me the cute couple. How uneventful. I change my mind. If that is how stadium proposals go, no thanks. So back when they did the big production of getting proposed to at events I was too young. Now that I am able, they are just words on a screen that you hope to catch in between shoving a $15 hot dog down your face and chasing it with a $17 beer. Missed opportunity #2.

See, I told you. I am in the wrong time! The only thing I can hope for is time traveling and that is probably "uncool" and "out of date" too. They probably just tell you to Facetime with someone in the past.