Was he here to celebrate?  Less than a week after the Super Bowl win, a Denver Bronco gets arrested Boise.

Here's the story.

He's an Idaho native.

Shiloh Keo plays free safety for Denver, and went to college at Idaho. He’s the guy who recovered the Patriots’ onside kick with 12 seconds left to seal the AFC Championship win for the Broncos and advance them to the Super Bowl, and he was on the roster for the Big Game too.

This past Saturday, February 13th, KTVB says Keo was arrested for DUI, after being pulled over by Idaho State Police.  A trooper stopped Keo for a broken taillight, but reports say he failed a field sobriety test and ended up in the Ada County Jail for a few hours before someone bailed him out.

The Broncos say they're "reviewing" what happened.

We'll keep you updated!

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