I am on the road and on-the-go a lot, so I know what it means to want to be safe and also have things that are essential on hand.

There are a few survival things on this list then also just essentials I have found to be helpful.

  • Extra clothes of different levels, sweaters, and shorts just in case.
  • First aid kit
  • Water
  • Extra brush ( tooth and hair)
  • Pen

The extra clothing and for different weather me is essential because I am forever changing body temps and sometimes I am in different elements. First aid kit is just essential because I am clumsy but for anyone is a good idea. Water is just common sense.

Now the extra brushes sound funny but it is so nice when you are out and about in the woods or on road trips to brush your hair and teeth. Then a pen is something I have always found helpful when on road trips to quickly write something down or if my phones dies I have that as a backup.



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