A lot of people are losing out on big events; graduation ceremonies, proms, concerts... For me, it was my wedding. CBS 2 Boise had me and my fiance on yesterday to talk about it. #Video

I'll start by acknowledging that many people are dealing with much worse things than having to move their wedding, though we've found a lot of people seem to be interested in our story. When you have an event like this that you've been planning for so long, a date that is set in stone, so concrete, there is nothing that you could imagine that would warrant putting it off.

Haley Kramer from CBS 2 here in Boise heard me telling my story here in Mix 106 earlier this week and reached out about sharing our story on their 5:00 news yesterday. As it turns out, there are many couples that have found themselves in this situation, and everyone's handling it in their own way:

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