I've left the country but I've only been to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and the Bahamas, never away from the continent. We were so excited about our honeymoon trip so Spain but with about 40 days before our arrival, it's not looking good...

The crazy thing is I was so worried that my passport wouldn't get here in time and that would prevent me from going on my honeymoon trip to Spain. Well, the passport is here, and thankfully, good for the next ten years, but our trip doesn't seem likely at this point.

Who knew this Coronavirus would take off like it did? Who knew it would effect daily life for people like it is? Here in Idaho it still seems fairly tame but when you look at the lockdowns in Europe; Italy, Spain and so many other wonderful countries, it's pretty terrifying!

We've got our wedding scheduled for April 25th and the honeymoon for the 27th. Will either of these things happen at this point? Who knows... It's so complicated to figure out the right calls to make when there are so many moving parts. I will say, I'm very grateful that at this point, this whole thing hasn't directly impacted the health and safety of any of my friends or loved ones, and I'm sure it sounds small to other people, but we've really been looking forward to our wedding and honeymoon and never considered a global pandemic would put it all at risk of not happening, but we'll see how the next few days and weeks go!

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