Wow, I am still on cloud 9 after going to my first Broadway musical. 'Wicked'  has been a play I have been trying to for years to go to one.

Broadway comes to Boise in many different forms, we are so lucky to have the Morrison Center. What a cool venue, easy parking and WONDERFUL staff.

'Wicked' started back in 2003 and since then has become a staple for a lot of musical and Broadway fans. Elphaba and Glinda are the two main characters and they couldn't be more opposite. This musical not only had me tearing up a bit but laughing and wanting more. It went by fast which is the mark of a great production. The lights were great and the choreography was fantastic.

We started out the night at Lost Grove Brewery and then went by CHIp cookies and then went on our way. It was a perfect combo of a local brewery, food tent outside then cookies as a sweet treat before the show.

The parking was easy and the garage makes it nice. I can not wait to go back and see more productions at the Morrison Center.




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