This was an 'All Hands On Deck' proposition with law enforcement coming from the Middleton Police Department, as well as deputies from the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office and the Nampa Police Department’s Bomb Detection unit who were all called to the scene where three separate BOMB THREATS were called in this morning (Wednesday) to Middleton High School.

The first call came into the front office at approximately 10:30 a.m. and then two more followed.  Authorities believe that all three calls were made by the same individual.  The exact threat from that individual was that there was a bomb planted somewhere within the school.

According to KIVI TV, the students were immediately evacuated to the nearby football field and mandated to stay put until the bomb squad could verify the area was safe.  There were no bombs or explosives found throughout the school or anywhere surrounding the school.  Student vehicles were searched as well with nothing found.

Now that the students are safe and back home and school activities back on schedule, authorities are focussed on finding the origin of the phone calls.  We'll keep you posted on their findings.  Middleton High School will resume their normal schedule tomorrow morning.

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