Positively Oakes

Jess, of Positively Oakes, is one of the best bloggers out there. She lives in the Treasure Valley with her husband and toddler daughter, Blake. Have you ever found a blogger that you love to follow and you just know you could be really great friends? Like, we ARE friends in my mind. She gives you a peak at her real life, shares some awesome products, and her laugh is contagious. She comes up in our dinner conversations. Me: "Listen to what Jess did today..." JD: "You do know that she doesn't know you, right?" Me: "I know her...and that's all that matters" OK, I'm going to stop before a restraining order shows up at the radio station.    

Hello Meridian

Hello Meridian's Instagram account is dedicated to all of the happenings in Eagle and Meridian. You don't have to live in those cities to appreciate the awesome food, events, and places to visit. They do an incredible job sharing with their following some of the unique small businesses and women owned businesses in the Treasure Valley that you may not have heard about yet. Plus, they occasionally post some pretty awesome giveaways! Follow them HERE!


Give me an extra side of the cucumber jalapeno salsa or give me death.

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I came across the Boise Idaho Memes by accident. I don't remember how I ended up on their account, but what I do know is, I spent a good 20 minutes scrolling through the posts and laughed the entire time. Definitely a great follow for some local humor!


Boise Bucketlist is a great account to follow for all things Boise. Their posts explore new places that you may not have visited or even heard of! I have definitely tried a few new places that I otherwise wouldn't have known about, just by following them!

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