An IRS glitch, of course... But what do you do? Call the IRS and wait on hold? Spend it all real quick? Tell your bank to take it away? Take a few minutes to dream of what you'd do with a $2,000,000 surprise.

I think I would be confused. I'm already a little foggy when I wake up in the morning but if I opened my bank app and saw $2,000,000 I think my stomach would sink. Morally, we all know what the RIGHT thing to do is, but what if you actually faced this? Do you assume they'll figure out their mistake and if they don't, then eventually, you can just have it?

To be honest, I half think I'd pay off all my debt real quick and then owe the bank a major overdraft when the government took it back out, then you just owe ONE collector lol.

I don't know, it's a complicated issue that I hope I don't have to face. I half joke, but seriously, we all like to think we'd take the moral high ground and to the right thing but man, would two million change a LOT in this life.

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