Parents, do you know the secret meaning of this emoji? I'll give you a's not a good thing.


To most of us, those eyes are just eyes, but to your teenagers those eyes have a much different meaning.  Those eyes sent from one teenager to another means they want them to send naked pictures....a fox emoji followed by a face with a zipper across the mouth…might mean “I want you to sneak out and don’t tell your parents” Emojis of certain fruits can also reference sex, and body parts.

Experts say it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the meanings of these emojis, saying some kids also use secret emoji codes to cyber bully and even more dangerous, sexual predators can use them as a way to communicate with minors.

It is so hard for us as parents to keep up with our kids and everything they are doing, and then when you ad technology , it makes it so much worse. As a parent, I would be horrified to find out that my son or daughter is asking someone to send naked pictures.

Thanks to emojis, kids can now have full on conversations and we have really no idea what they are saying to one another, unless we are able to break the code.

It’s hard enough to be a parent without knowing what they are actually saying or who they are talking to. So maybe it's time to talk to your kids about emojis that they and their friends might be using...hopefully you'll find out, they have no idea what you're talking about and you'll feel comfortable in the knowledge, that you might have another year or two before you have to really start dealing with it..

There are apps and websites that can also help you figure out emoji's one that might help get you started..



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