The music industry is so unpredictable nowadays it seems that almost anyone can blow up and make it big overnight. A huge part of an artist's success now appears to be linked to their activity on social media and if it's not a direct result of that (TikTok, we're looking at you), it's definitely a solid measuring stick.

Do bands still get together to rehearse?

Sure, a lot of music is created digitally and even artificial intelligence appears to be making a controversial splash in music, but there are still people out there who play their instruments. It makes sense why musicians and artists would turn to computers to create their art; acoustic instruments, drums especially, can be extremely loud.

It's never fun when you're trying to get a little jam session in and all of a sudden you hear a banging on the garage door from the police. You're not there to get in trouble, you're there to ROCK! So, what's a band to do when they want to crank it up to 11? We've got two words for you:

Bomb shelter.

While the city of Boise is already an amazing place for art; for musicians, though, this has to be one of the best (and coolest) places to have your band practice. Imagine all of the vibes and inspiration you can get when playing here. Let's take a look at one of the coolest places you can have your band practice...

Is Boise's Next Big Musical Act Rehearsing in a Bomb Shelter?

Is it possible that the next big artist is honing their craft inside of the Boise Bomb Shelter?

According to their website, Boise Bomb Shelter has two rooms you can rent on a month-to-month basis. One room is 820 sq. ft while the other is 405 sq. ft. You can learn more about the shelter here.

Back in 2019, the shelter was for sale and it's a bit surreal that you can actually live in there.

Boise's Famous 'Bomb Shelter' Was The Very First of Its Kind

Believe it or not, Boise was home to the first prototype community fallout shelter in the country! It's still around but doesn't have many of the features that were meant to sustain human life in the event of nuclear holocaust anymore. You can read more about its history HERE or take a look around these photos from when it was for sale in 2019.

See Inside the This Fascinating 'Abandoned' Idaho School House

We put the word abandoned in quotes, because despite what a caption from a YouTube short uploaded in December 2022 says...the property is not vacant. It's getting the TLC it deserves from the perfect owner. Click HERE to read the story behind Mora School. These are photos of it BEFORE the restoration project began in 2015.

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