Movies can make impressions that will stuck to us for the rest our lives. For example, I watched the original Planet of the Apes movie when I was just little girl and to this day I'm deathly afraid of apes and gorillas. It must have been the apes riding horseback with rifles in their hands that did it for me - especially considering the fact I thought it was all real. There are movies that are not necessarily intended to be scary or are categorized in that genre, but for whatever reason they don't sit right with us when we watch them. In fact, they end up being terrifying and sometimes even traumatizing like these for example:

  • Credit IMDb
    Credit IMDb


    Just because this movie is animated and has a PG rating, doesn't mean it should be a children's movie. Tim Burton was the man behind this haunting film, need I say more?

  • Credit JustWatch
    Credit JustWatch

    James and The Giant Peach

    WTF was this movie. It was like something straight out of a child's nightmare and it WASN'T supposed to be a scary movie?! I don't even remember the plot because the imagery was simply too much.

  • Credit Syfy Wire
    Credit Syfy Wire

    The Dark Crystal

    Creepy puppets getting impaled and resorting to puppet-cannibalism was something my young innocent child eye's did not need to witness.

  • Credit The Verge
    Credit The Verge

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

    This is the third Tim Burton movie on this list (Burton produced James and The Giant Peach). There are actually a lot of creepy and chilling scenes but the hollows with their white eyes and weird bodies are honestly enough to do it for me.

  • Credit Polygon
    Credit Polygon


    Still haven't forgave my mother for letting me watch this one. She used to try and tell me that E.T. was "cute" but I closed my eyes for damn near every scene he was in while watching this movie.

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    Wizard of Oz

    This personally was one of my favorite movies as a little girl. I pretty much wanted to be Dorothy when I grew up. But I know it was a lot to handle for other people. The flying monkey's terrorizing everyone in the haunted woods was pretty traumatizing actually..

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