There is a headline we've never seen before. Only 2020 could merge BSU's home opener with a chance of snow, but it's a real possibility that the blue field may be white!

The good news is it's finally happening. The Boise State Broncos home opener against the Utah State Aggies this Saturday at Albertson's Stadium. The bad news is there will be no fans in attendance for the game. The interesting news is that it MIGHT SNOW!

According to The Weather Channel, temps in the Treasure Valley will dip significantly over the next several days, with a good stretch of days with highs in the 30's and 40's and lows in the teens and 20's. The Broncos will take on the Aggies this Saturday in Boise at 5 pm. Now, there is some precipitation expected but with a forecasted high temperature of 44 for Saturday, it's unlikely that if it snows, it would stick to the ground.

This is great news for the band, by the way... As a former sousaphone player, let me tell you how not fun it is to hold a 45 pound metal instrument that's freezing cold and hard to keep in tune because of said cold temps. Even if there isn't snow, there is a chance that there will be rain, and cold rain at that which always makes for an interesting day of college football.

Regardless, football is back in the Treasure Valley. Go find your favorite bar, restaurant or couch and enjoy the home opener! Go Broncos!

Thanks to our friends at KTVB for the heads up!

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