It's amazing how many people on social media complain about people moving to Idaho, but when you live in the most amazing state in the nation, it's hard to keep it a secret. And based on this info it's safe to say the secret is now officially out.

Atlas Van Lines Map
Atlas Van Lines Map

For the first time in history according to a migration pattern website, Idaho saw a bigger percentage of people move here to our beautiful state than any other in the United States.

Idaho is number one at 63 percent. According to the math..that isn't a total population increase, but the percentage of people that moved here last year versus the percentage of people who moved out of the state.  Other states saw a bigger total number of population  move to the state, but Idaho had the biggest percentage...

I think we may need a new slogan. How about "Idaho, Like it, Love it, Live it"  Hey it's just one idea..

If you are new to Idaho, welcome and please help keep what makes Idaho great



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