With Father's Day here this is something that can have the whole family laughing. Dad jokes are so much fun, and a great way to celebrate Father's Day.

Do you have a "Dad Joke" or maybe something that dad always says? In this video Billy and myself ( Charene) along with Jeff in the afternoons have a little 'Dad Joke' off. Mainly we are reading one liner dad jokes trying to get the other to laugh.

What I found interesting is normally Billy is the one to always easily laugh and in this he stayed all stoic. I laugh at most jokes, I love laughing so you can hear me in the background chuckling.

Were some of them funny? Maybe use one to celebrate with dad for Father's Day and make him smile, that's an awesome gift.

My favorite one that I did was the " How do you find Will Smith in the snow?"

Look for fresh prints...


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