Mike and I make a bet every year on how well the Seattle Seahawks will do versus the Denver  Broncos. I've lost the last two years. This year I almost skipped out on paying off my bet. But then a few listeners opened my eyes.

Listener # 11, I need you to know that when you emailed this morning and said,"Kate you can’t welch on a bet! Now Mike can’t trust you to ever fulfill a bet." That motivated me instantly to call The Beehive Hair Salon (345-HIVE) and make an appointment to get my hair colored. You were so right. My pride, my name, my integrity is on the line. This is not something to mess around with!

Mike you will be upset because it's only one streak of green and one streak of blue. But read the bet, my friend. You never specified where the streaks had to be or how big they had to be so I paid the bet. I am suffering for the next 10 days and jinxing the Denver Broncos with this hot mess in my hair. You win. I lose. I concede. Let's focus on 2015-2016.