It's one of the coolest and most amazing things I've seen in all my time living in the Treasure Valley - the 2017 Gowen Thunder Air show with USAF Thunderbirds and Royal Canadian Snow Birds.

Mike Kasper,Townsquare Medii
Mike Kasper,Townsquare Media

First of all a huge congratulations are in order to everyone who had a hand in the planning and logistics of Gowen Thunder 2017. Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers and also the military personnel who gave up their time for free, with no extra pay or overtime to help make sure everything ran smoothly. I know much of the work you did goes unnoticed, but without you and hundreds like you, this event would not be able to take place, so thank you!

On a further note, every single military person I encountered went out of their way to be pleasant helpful and cheerful to my wife and I. As the father of two sons in the military, including one currently serving in the Air Force on mission in the Mid East, I thank you and appreciate all of you for everything you do, including helping to make Gowen Thunder such a huge success.

I sincerely hope that we don't have to wait another 20 years for an airshow like this to come back to the Treasure Valley. I have heard unsubstantiated rumors that Gowen might possibly hold an airshow every 4 years. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. For those of you who didn't get a chance to enjoy Gowen Thunder 2017, if and when the airshow comes back, do yourself a favor and don't miss it.

Check out some of the photos that I took on Sunday. Special thanks to the Weather gods who made this weekend a Chamber of Commerce type day in Boise.


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