Dear Mike and Nicole,

So, it was brought to my attention the other night that someone is using my pictures and made themselves an account on a dating website. Other than reporting this to the company, is there anything legal I can do about this? It has me pretty pissed.....

This act may be seen as benign to some, but for me it's not.
I feel violated on so many levels. I have experienced a few traumatic events during my life...this being one.
My sense of security has been shaken. Whomever is behind this...well done.
Every smile I receive I question; is that someone that "I" chatted with online? What was said? Did I promise that person something?
What if I am out with my children and someone approaches me...
What if someone I know sees this profile and it casts doubt about my life, doubt about who I am as a person.
This person used the phrase "Catch me if you can". The problem with that is there are some very sick individuals who might take that very literal.
My face has been exposed to thousands of people that I did not do by my choice!
If there is ANYTHING legal I can do about this...I mean ANYTHING, it will be done. It's not right.
If you or someone you know has ever done this or are thinking about doing this, don't.
I am not weak because this has affected me, I am STRONG because I will not stand for it.

Any help you could offer, I would appreciate!


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