Stop sign DOWN at Broadway and Belmont. No, this is not breaking news but it did get me to thinking, how do so many people end up with real street signs in their homes?

Growing up my brother had a giant stop sign on the wall in his bedroom. I think maybe it was passed down from my dad. I never got the story on this but did my dad just decide one night he wanted a stop sign and went and ripped one off a pole? How do people end up with these signs?!

I stopped by Starbucks on Broadway (and Belmont, clearly) on the way to work one morning and saw this and wondered, what actually happened? The sign is not bent, neither is the pole so I have a hard time thinking it was hit. Did it just fall down? Was I tempted to take it because the thought of having "Broadway and Belmont" signs in my garage sounded awesome? Perhaps, but I didn't...

My brother in-law (to be) has a full on gate arm from his mom's gated community. I think he just went out one night with a drill and took it. What's the motivation besides adolescent boredom? I'm not entirely sure but it's a pretty common thing to see stop signs, pedestrian crossing signs and others inside people's houses and I always think to myself, the story of how this made it from the top of a pole to a garage MUST be fascinating.

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