Dear Mike and Nicole,

Recently, my parents purchased a cabin in Sun Valley, they have spent a lot of time and money remodeling it and it looks so lovely now. They let me know that my husband, daughter and I are free to use it when we want as long as they are not  using it, under the stipulation that we don't leave it messy etc...

My parents have even said that my in-laws could stay there if they wanted, but here is the problem, my parents do not want my brother in law and his wife and kids to stay there. The reason being is that his kids are really destructive, the constantly break things and they don't know how to treat things with respect. We bought them a Wii for Christmas last year and within 20 minuets one of the kids has smashed it on the floor because he didn't want to share with his sister! Not to mention my Brother and sister in law DO NOT pay attention or discipline their kids, they let them get away with this awful behavior. Its not like they are super young kids either - they are 10 and 11 so old enough to know better.
The thing is, I, my husband and my mother in law all completely agree with my parents. I wouldn't want them up there either because I would feel so awful if they broke or destroyed something. My parents have worked so hard on this second home and I want to be sure to take great care of it.
A few weeks ago my husband and I, along with some friends went and stayed in Sun Valley, my brother in law asked if they could come. I lied to him and said that all the rooms were taken so it was going to a be a full house. I know that this will come up again in the future so I am looking for advice on how to address this. I don't want to be mean and tell them my parents don't want you there because your kids are awful, even though its the truth and everyone else knows it and agrees.
What would you say?
"home away from home"
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