Dear Mike and Nicole,

I am currently dating a woman and it’s starting to get a little more serious. We’ve talked about marriage and have had the serious talks about kids and finances.
The problem is, she is currently in debt. She has about 3 different credit cards all of which she has maxed out and she's always late on her bills, even her car payments. She shared with me that her credit score is really bad too, in the 600's. She said she couldn’t even rent her current apartment without her parents co-signing for her.
This has me really worried.
I take really good care of my credit score and always have. My score is in the low 800's and I’ve never been late with payments. I live within my means ALWAYS.
Should I consider this a deal breaker? I am honestly super freaked out by this and I'm afraid that if we get married, she will drag down my credit rating or worse.
I really don’t know how to feel right now. I love her, but don’t know if I can accept this type of fault in a person I might one day marry.


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