Dear Mike and Nicole,

Hey guys, my name is James. So, I kind of have this super deep secret that none of my family or close friends know about...and I just told my girlfriend about it and she's freaking out a little bit. We agreed that if I write you guys for OPP and your listeners say that it's strange, I would stop, but if they said it wasn't weird at all, then I can keep doing it and my girlfriend would have to accept it and keep her mouth shut.

So, here it goes...I used to wait tables for years. A lot of people in the food industry do this. I would take leftover food that people didn't eat, cut off the parts they ate off of, and save them to eat later.

Keep in mind, I live by myself, I don't cook, but I love eating really good meals...and this is one of the nicer restaurants in Boise. We would never be able to afford to eat here on a regular basis. It's GREAT food, it's free, and I always get something different.

I think it's a little weird that my girlfriend has a problem with it. Am I a "freak" like she says or is she blowing it out of proportion?


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