Crossroads Middle School in Meridian's Todd Knight has been named Idaho's 2022 teacher of the year!

CBS 2 Boise broke the story; Crossroads Middle School's Mr Knight, a science teacher has been named Idaho's teacher of the year for 2022. This came as a shock to him as he was surprised in his classroom with balloons and a check for $1,000. "Knight was chosen by a blue ribbon panel. He will now be a spokesman for Idaho educators and serve as the Idaho nominee for national teacher of the year", according to CBS 2 Boise.

Mr. Knight has been teaching science at Crossroads Middle School in Meridian since 2014 and was the chosen one out of about 150 teachers that were nominated. Mr. Knight was quoted saying, "My students know I care about them beyond the grade in the book or the butt in the chair. They witness this in the time I invest in them and the lessons I develop. And they, in turn, show me the same care and commitment."

What an incredible honor for him to receive, but also... What an incredible teacher! This is such a good news story in a time when there seems to be quite a lot of darkness and negativity in the news. Thank you, Mr. Knight for being such a good guy and a good person for students to look up to and to learn from. Science is such an important part of K-12 education and we should all sleep soundly that we have teachers like Todd Knight in the Treasure Valley.

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