The second deployment of the scooters is happening in June and as early as June 1st.

I have really been enjoying the scooters in downtown Boise, I am not sure how well they will work outside of areas like the Village and the Albertsons Market store but they are fun and I am interested in seeing how they work the second time around in Meridian.

For right now it sounds like only Bird will have a contract with the city and if that goes well then more will come after. Boise has 3 companies now so it won't be long if this goes well that Meridian will have more too. Lime was rated lower then Bird in their overall research so they are going with Bird it sounds like to start.

IF for some reason they do not accept the proposal from Bird then they will redo the process and it will take till the end of summer. I hope it's here for summer though cause that seems like a better time then the last time they tried to roll them out in colder weather.



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