I will be the very first person to endorse joining the military and applying for scholarships. Both of those avenues help pave my personal road to where I'm at today.

It's funny how you might think the scholarship route might not work because what are the chances. I'll tell you that if nobody applies those chances skyrocket to the number one position. Meridian is offering scholarships now and maybe it's a sign to apply to someone close to you.

It's true I applied for a big scholarship at Greenriver Community College years ago in Washington and there was only one person to receive it. I was that one lucky student and I heard nobody applied because they didn't think it was possible. Faith.

The Meridian Mayor's Office announced scholarship opportunities on Tuesday for students graduating high school this Spring.

  • Must live in Meridian, Idaho, or area of impact
  • Or, have been a member of the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council since January 2020
  • Graduating Spring 2021
  • Plan on attending an accredited college or vocational education program beginning Fall 2021.

The City of Meridian scholarships are awarded to successful applicants who demonstrate evidence of leadership potential through their community involvement, as well as volunteerism, school activities, or work experience.

That comes from the Mayor's office and there are currently (4) scholarships at $1,000 each. Great opportunity with details below. Grab a son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchildren and fill-out these forms together. Let's ensure they have the opportunity, but you might need to nudge a bit.

  • The deadline is Wednesday, April 28, by 5 PM.
  • Forms can be download here or available in counseling offices of our high schools and in the Mayor's Office.
  • Contact Dave Miles (Meridian Mayor's Office (208) 489-0532

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