This coming weekend is a holiday weekend full of fun, but lets be safe this memorial weekend. Here are a few safety reminders.

  • Buckle Up: Yes more important than ever is when it is a busy weekend on the road and this is one of them.
  • Be Careful around Water: Not only the road is busy but the water and people who are so excited about getting out sometimes aren't as cautious. So be careful in and around water this holiday.
  • Food Safety : Cooking food all the way through at that BBQ can keep your guests happy instead of sick
  • Fire Watch: not only watching the kids and guests around fire pits outdoors but to be EXTRA careful not to start wildfires or get into an accident with fire.
  • Wearing Sunscreen: I have recently found out how crucial good sunscreen is and this weekend if there is sun where you will be bring that and remember to reapply.

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Memorial weekend and not to forget to honor those who have served and those we have lost as well in our lives.

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