The recent record setting storms Idahoans suffered through here in Idaho caused a tragic collapse of an iconic 200+ year old tree visited by thousands of people.

You may have heard of or even visited "The Pioneer Cabin Tree" iconic giant sequoia located in Big Trees State Park in northern California.  The Tunnel Tree as it was also known has collapsed due to a severe winter storm that hit the area this past week. The tree, which has been visited by thousands of visitors and tourists since the late 1800’s was believed to be over 200 years old, although no one knows it’s true real age.

Might I suggest, that now that it has collapsed, maybe someone can count the tree rings to get an exact age…..(Too Soon?)

Some thought that because the tree had been hallowed out so that people could walk through it, that it was a dead tree…that according to park rangers was not the case, the tree was alive and continued to show signs of growth at the time of the collapse.

The storm that brought down the tunneled out tree was the same storm that slammed into the Treasure Valley last week, bringing record amounts of snow and cold.

Here's all that's left now


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