Only days after being named national Freshman of the Year in woman's basketball The Spec is reporting that  Meridian's Destiny Slocum has announced she will leave Maryland to continue her career elsewhere.

I'm hoping that the elsewhere she mentions is closer to home. Is it too much to ask if she will be coming home to play in her home town of Boise at Boise State? Or is that way to much to ask?  I'm selfish and would love to see her play the rest of her college career here in town..if that happened could the girls team maybe even out draw the men at their home games.

Right now it's just wishful thinking because as of now Destiny hasn't announced her intentions, but any college team would love to have her.

If you remember she actually did commit to the Washington Huskies before flipping to Maryland.  If she transfers to another Division I program she'd have to sit out a year, but since she played as a true freshman at Maryland, she still has 4 years to play three, so she could red shirt next year and still play her sophomore, junior and senior years at another school.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope beyond hope that she lands with the Broncos...if not, we'll still be watching from afar.



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