Take me out to the ball game...give me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks..and a heaping helping of fried grasshoppers...wait, what the? Grasshoppers? Yep and they sold out too.

Major League Ballparks every year try to out do one in other with some sort of new tasty concoction for their fans to eat...this year my Seattle Mariners take the top prize with tasty fried grass hoppers...

Now before you start gagging and thinking how gross they are to eat, keep in mind in many countries it is perfectly acceptable to eat grasshoppers and in some areas, they are even a delicacy. Seattle is not one of those places...however as I watched the Mariners get the win in their home opener on Monday against the Astros a couple of the reporters tried them and reported that they actually liked them...and them must not have been the only ones because the fried grasshoppers sold out before  the  7th inning.



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