This is a reminder to all dog owners that our time of letting our dogs run leash-free at Ann Morrison Park in Boise has almost come to an end for this season. First reported by KIVI, during the winter months from November 1st - February 28th dogs are allowed off leash at Ann Morrison.

Seeing how we are just days away from March 1st this is your friendly reminder. And don't forget there will soon be a permanent off-leash park for our furry friends at Ann Morrison Park called Dog Island. Which will feature more than five acres to run free with benches for dog owners that get tired playing fetch.

Boise Parks and Recreation are currently working to make improvements to that permanent area.

If you've read this far you're obviously a dog-lover and I would encourage you to click here to see a fun event later this week with our friends at Meridian Canine Rescue. This is where 6 people will be spending 24 hours in dog kennels to show you what it's like 'Through Their Eyes'.

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