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I have actually had a dream like this before. But, it became a reality for Boise’s Luke Savage. He was locked inside the Ross department store on Federal way in southeast Boise and he is NOT happy about it.

He went in around 10:20 p.m. and the store closes at 10:30 p.m.  He said he was walking toward the dressing room when all the lights turn off!
He immediately yelled, "hello, hello can someone please answer me?", but no one responded.

The motion sensors went off as he walked around the store trying to find a way out.
Luke did see emergency doors, but was worried it would make things worse by possibly making the sprinklers go off and ruin the entire store.

He eventually got in touch with someone at the Ross corporate headquarters who told him to call Police.

While he was waiting, he posted videos on his social media accounts.

He posted a handful of videos on his social media accounts.
In one of them he said, "Dear Ross, you locked me in your store. I think this deserves a pretty big discount.” He was offered a 20 percent discount until the store could complete an investigation.

If you were going to be locked inside any store, which would you want it to be?

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