Your feel good story of the day getting national attention and it's from right here in the Treasure Valley.

I saw the post by NBC Montana and thought hey that's here in Idaho. It's headline said it all and it read:

This man was eating alone had had tears in his eyes. A Caldwell, Idaho police officer and a waitress at Indian Creek Steak-House stepped in and danced with him and made his whole night. 

I went searching on the Caldwell Police Department Facebook page and found their post. They had shared a wonderful story from Sesiley P Cerchione at Indian Creek Steakhouse. After doing some digging the officer shown is Officer Sperry. The staff at Indian Creek along with the CPD took time and brought kindness into this mans life. The man had seemed confused to the staff so they called the non-emergency number and asked if someone could come help him. It wasn't a question to the CPD to come and help. If it wasn't for the staff at Indian Creek stepping up, this would probably have never happened.

I just love stories like this, kindness and compassion. Many comments were similar. Thank you to all who shared and made this man feel better and hopefully able to get him home safely.

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