The new Main Street Station that will be Boise's premiere bus depot has been delayed for its opening that was scheduled for early September.Located under the Grove Plaza in Downtown Boise Valley Regional Transit wants to take every precaution  and train workers before the opening. It looks like Main Street Station will start running buses in early to mid October.  Labor shortages have been at fault for the finishing pieces that would have had the station up to full steam and on schedule for the projects opening which was supposed to happen this month. It's not so bleak though,  September 21st the station will host open house events that welcome the public to come and check out one of the newest editions to mass-transit to the City Of Trees. Want a better look at the new Main Street Station? Watch the video below.

Find out more about the Open House event on the 21st as well as how the Main Street Station will effect downtown Boise traffic what it means for you by clicking on


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