So I'm brand new to to the Treasure Valley/Idaho and I'm loving it so far, and I'd really love to show it off to my friends by having my bachelor party here, I just need help coming up with some cool ideas of things to do!

So I grew up in Vegas, and I've been to many a "Vegas style" strip club, super drunk bachelor parties, and I'm hoping to come up with a different experience for me and my friends. Also, I'm not 21 getting married, I'm 33, and typically a little more low-key than a lot of people in that regard anyway. My wedding is at the end of April so I don't have a TON of time, and I don't really have the desire to do anything overly extravagant for my bachelor party, but I do want some good bro-bonding time. I was thinking something like maybe snowboarding, or a cabin somewhere... It'd be cool if there was some quads involved or something along those lines. But I'm really open to anything... I want to do something that's super Idaho-ish.

I also don't want to make my friends spend thousands of dollars just to hang with me for a weekend... Especially since they've gotta come to the wedding and all, so what else is out there? What might make this an unforgettable bro-cation? A chance to create some awesome bro-memories? Maybe an air bro-n-b? Ok, I'll stop with the bro stuff. Any input would be appreciated! @johnMOUG on everything!


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