Happy Days spawned the phrase “jump the shark,” a term used to describe when a show is past its prime and going downhill after a ridiculous story line that changes the tone of the show. In season 5 The Fonz, played by Henry Winkler, literally jumped over a shark while surfing at the beach. The scene was ridiculous to say the least and the show shifted in a way no longer reminiscent of what made it number one in the first place.

Over the weekend The Fonz was back on the water, but not jumping any sharks. Henry Winkler enjoyed time fishing in Idaho. The Waterboy star took to Twitter on Friday to thank Idaho for his first catch of the day with a photo of him holding a fish along with a lit cigar. Total jolly grandpa vibes. Hard to believe he was the leather clad hunk who dated Pinky Tuscadero, disappointing throngs of girls everywhere.
Grandpa vibes or not, some Idahoans criticized the actor for having a lit cigar with how serious Idaho wildfires can get.
“I love you Fonz but @smokey_bear would not be happy with your lit cigar with all the dry grass and sage brush behind you. Idaho predicted to have higher than normal fire potential this year.” -AJGBoise
Another Twitter user echoed the sentiment: “Can you imagine the headlines? “The Fonz sparks forest fire in Idaho while smoking cigar & fishing on boat surrounded by water.” 😂
But I get it- as a PNW resident, the first thing I saw was his cigar. Fire season is just that terrifying.” -@stupid_hat
Though noticeably more lighthearted, it does seem it’s a bit of a concern considering the danger wildfires pose. Significantly higher risk than finding a shark swimming in the Boise river. But at least we know he could take care of that. Thankfully there have been no reports of a Fonz fire.

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