This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I've been known to crash a wedding or two. Is this flat out wrong, or good old fashion fun?

My boyfriend is a very creative person. One day he says, "I have a fun date idea. We're going to crash weddings!" The good girl in me immediately said, "No, way." The mischievous side of me said, "Let's do it!"

We sent up challenges, such as

  • get a picture with the bride
  • make a toast
  • dance on the dance floor

I know someone who does wedding photography and noticed on their Instagram that they had a wedding at Chateau Des Fleurs. If you've never been there before, it's a very fancy wedding and event spot in Eagle.

We walked in just after dinner, purchased glasses of wine, and started to take part in the festivities!

My boyfriend quickly checked off get a picture with the bride, and I was just about to bust a move on the dance floor when one of the bridesmaids approached us and asked how we knew the newlyweds.

My boyfriend and I contradicted ourselves. He said he was with the grooms side, while I simultaneously said I had known the bride forever! She said no one knew who we were and we awkwardly left!

Wedding #2.

We found an outdoor venue off of Meridian Rd. and it was a much more laidback event. There were people bellyflopping in the pool and even though no one knew who we were, they welcomed us with open arms! We took pictures with the wedding party, ate macaroni and cheese from the buffet, and partied till the sun went down!

I get it, I'm 38 years old and shouldn't be doing this kind of immature stuff, but man is it fun when you get out of your comfort zone. It's a night my boyfriend and I will never forget.

So what are your thoughts? Are we totally immature? Rude? Or really fun people?

Would you be mad if someone crashed your wedding?!

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