This is hitting a little too close to home for me and I can't decide if I think people are overreacting or this is a really scary situation. 

An article on says the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has stated that the risk of the coronavirus in Idaho is low. There aren't any confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the Gem State, but three people have been tested pending results and 3 other people are being monitored. I'm assuming they've been exposed and we're just waiting to see if they actually have the virus.

Our neighbors in Washington have been hit pretty hard. 9 people have died in Washington state  from the Coronavirus according to CBS News and now we find out the an employee is being quarantined after testing positive.

People have been going crazy, buying masks and supplies to try and protect themselves, but this has created a mask shortage for health officials that really need them. My hairdressers husband is a dentist and she said a box of masks that typically costs $5 has gone up to $22 because people that don't really need them are buying them.

Do you think people are overreacting or do we need to be pre-pared for a disaster?

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