I won't stop talking about this as long as it still needs to be talked about.

Specifically, cases where someone may think, "I'm only running into the store for a few minutes, the kids will be fine."

With the extreme we have been having and continue to expect, its a good reminder to NEVER leave your kids or pets in the car!

Twenty-nine children have died in the United States so far this year because of overheating in the car. Two of those cases happened here in Idaho.

The Meridian Fire Department held an educational event at The Village in Meridian yesterday where they showed a thermometer at over 100 degrees outside, but inside a Meridian Fire car, another gauge showed it was over 130 degrees.

It literally only a few minutes in the car in that heat to cause serious issues for kids and pets, so please….DON'T do it. Cracking windows or parking in the shade doesn’t make ANY difference in this kind of heat either.

If you ever see a pet or child alone in a hot car, call police right away.

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