The New Year is such an interesting time, because there's all this hype about creating goals and resolutions, and then it suddenly disappears and people go back to real life. Is it fairly common for people to stick to their resolutions?

There's a recent article from WalletHub that shares 2023's Best & Worst Cities for Keeping New Year's Resolutions, and of course I wanted to see where Boise was on the list 👇

They said, "It’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions. The hard part is keeping them. But before you blame yourself entirely for your previous lack of success, consider this: Your location may be setting you up for failure."

Ah, well this makes me feel a little better then haha! An example they share is, "If you live in a neighborhood with no sidewalks or fitness centers nearby, for example, you may not feel as encouraged to exercise. The same goes if most of your restaurant options are limited to fast food - you may be less likely to eat healthy."

So, how are we looking here in Boise, Idaho? Let's find out!

Boise ranked on their list of 182 cities at number 24

Hey, top 25 (or top 15%) is pretty good if you ask me!

Here's what they said about Boise...

Rank: 24

City: Boise, ID

Total Score: 60.28

Health Resolutions: 52

Financial Resolutions: 51

School & Work Resolutions: 17

Bad-Habit Resolutions: 24

Relationship Resolutions: 50

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